• Chad Frank - pastor

    Contact me @ chadandeva@gmail.com

    • Hometown: Louisville, OH
    • Years on staff: 20 years
    • I enjoy: watching and playing sports
    • Something interesting about me: I briefly considered being a hand model
    • Favorite book(s): Wild at Heart by John Eldredge & Since Nobody's Perfect, How Good Is Good Enough by Andy Stanley
    • How I first got involved with H2O: I heard there were good-looking girls there [true story]. Now happily married.
  • Todd SchlerEth -  PAstor

    • Hometown: Lucas, Ohio
    • Years on staff:  11 years
    • I enjoy: my family, eating, movies, gardening, making things, generally being around people
    • Something interesting about me is: I enjoy a good mushroom hunt - the edible variety :)
    • Favorite book(s): The Hobbit, Enders Game, Fahrenheit 451, Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret
    • How I first got involved with H2O: A guy on my dorm floor invited me (later became room-mates and great friends!)
  • David hench - support staff: Outreach, Discipleship, communications

    Contact me @ david.hench@reliant.org

    • Hometown: Wauseon, OH  
    • Years on staff: 3 years
    • I enjoy: Getting to know new people, discipleship, being outside, and watching movies
    • Something interesting about me is: Ketchup makes me nauseous
    • Favorite book(s): Harry Potter, Knowledge of the Holy
    • How I first got involved with H2O: I joined a vision to start an H2O church on Akron's campus as a freshman, and watched God do exactly that throughout my undergrad.
  • madison jones - support staff: Groups, Events, Discipleship, finance

    • Hometown: Green, Ohio
    • Years on staff: 2 years
    • I enjoy: Running, cooking, making slightly above average jokes, eating chocolate, and hanging out with my funny friends
    • Something interesting about me: I am a New Year's baby
    • Favorite book(s): Mere Christianity and The Sacred Search
    • How I first got involved with H2O: I was looking for a campus church, and when I went to H2O's kickoff service my freshman year, I loved it and have been going ever since.

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